Many ABDLs recommend using hypnosis as part of the training. Having used it in the past (both for bedwetting and other stuff), I at least have a bit of experience to give my opinion on it.

First, it’s not like in the movies. You’re not going to be in a trance, doing exactly what the hypnosis tells you after one listen. To me, it’s more like a guided meditation. Most files start with a relaxation exercise (which are also found in meditation), where you focus on breathing, relaxing your muscles, and trying to steer your thoughts into being “in the here and now” rather than focusing on outside worries and anxieties. Once in this state, the hypnosis will give you suggestions, trying to have you act in a specific way. Obviously, for bedwetting training, these suggestions are basically “wet the bed when you have the urge”.

Like I said, these suggestions don’t work in a day. In fact, for you, they might not work at all. Everyone is different, some people are able to get into the “relaxed” state very easily, and are very susceptible to the propositions given within hypnosis. Others will feel nothing, except that they wasted their time. Personally, I’ve never really saw any concrete benefits from using any hypnosis files. However, as a form of “guided meditation”, I find hypnosis pretty beneficial. When used right before sleeping, hypnosis files are able to make me relax, and the suggestions keep me focused on my goal. As such, I’ll certainly be incorporating some hypnosis into my training, but more to remind me of my goals rather than to make progress.

If you’re at all interested in trying out hypnosis yourself, Here are a few sites that offer files for download:


My Little Lullaby: https://mylittlelullaby.com/

My personal favorite. I find the relaxation exercises in these files to be quite effective, and the voice to be very pleasant. These are files that you have to pay for, save for the couple of free ones (Sleep Like a Baby and Forever Young). If you’re at all interested, at least download these and see if you enjoy them.


Baby Pants: https://www.baby-pants.com/hypnosis.php

These hypnosis files are perhaps the most popular/talked about in the ABDL community. I have never tried them, so I can’t really give my opinion, but you can definitely find reviews for them online. Again, these are paid files.


Warp My Mind: https://www.warpmymind.com/index.php

This site hosts thousands of hypnosis files, and quite a few of them are aimed at bedwetting/ABDL. All of the files on this site are free and uploaded by users, so while you don’t have to worry about paying for them, I can’t guarantee the quality.


Other than these 3 major sites, you can also find hypnosis files on Youtube, or on other sites through a Google search. Have fun and sweet Dreams!

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