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Unless you love doing laundry, bedwetting training is going to require a lot of diapers (approximately 1 per day). As it is such an important piece of the equation, I figured I’d spend some time going over some of my favorites, giving their prices, and having a little review for each. For each diaper, I’m going to list the price per unit (1 diaper) given that you buy a case of mediums (usually 60-80 diapers per case). Thus, be aware that if you buy half cases, it’s going to usually be about 40% more, and by the pack can be nearly double the price! Also be aware that large/X-large might cost a touch more than the prices I’m giving for mediums. I will also not be including shipping costs in my calculations, so do be aware that shipping might make them slightly more expensive (especially if you’re outside of the US).


Tykables Overnights/Tyakables Little Rawrs: $2 per Overnight, $2.25 per Rawr

Starting off, we have perhaps my favorite ABDL oriented diapers. I love the tabs on these, as they are velcro and can be taped multiple times for the perfect fit. Even though they are retapeable, I never have problems with the tabs coming undone. They both hold a ton (the Little Rawrs a bit more so), swell nicely, and are overall super comfy to wear. They’re also cute! If I were to pick just one diaper to always have on hand, it would be these.


ABU Simples/Peekabus, ABU Space/Little Pawz, ABU Preschool: $2.25 per, $1.90 per, $1.38 per.

Another classic in the AB world, ABU diapers are another great choice. The Preschools will be more prone to leaks, but if you change right before bed, you shouldn’t have any problems. All of these are, again, super comfy, and the array of styles and prints means you are bound to find a pattern you love! Or, you could just get the plain white simples if that’s more akin to your style.


Crinklz, BetterDry: $1.25 per Crinklz, $1.19 per BetterDry (Through NorthShore)

These might be the best “Bang for you buck”. At $1.25 or less per diaper, these can hold an enormous amount. That said, you can definitely tell some of the ways costs were cut with these. Most notably, the plastic on these feels pretty cheap, and will almost always tear when you take off the tapes. The SAP in these is also not partitioned off very well, so after a long time of use, the SAP will often sag to the bottom, making the top just a layer of mesh and plastic. Still a very good diaper that I would recommend.


Lil Rascals, Pride: $2 per (Through Tykables)

Another solid diaper. They don’t hold quite as much as others at this price-point, but a comfy and thirsty diaper nonetheless. If you want to try something different, these can bring a quality and fun variety to your stash.


Rearz (basically all): $2.72 per diaper (note this is a case of 36)(Through Cooshie Tooshiez

Rearz is kind of weird as almost all of their diapers come only in half-cases, which does make them the more expensive. The price does fluctuate slightly around the price above (Barnyard are slightly more expensive for the added capacity, Lil Monsters are slightly less as they have less capacity). Their isn’t much to say about these. The Barnyard do hold a significant amount, but not any more than a diaper and booster, the latter of which would actually be cheaper. Really the reason to get these is because They’re so darn cute. The Safari in particular is perhaps my favorite print on the market. Again, really just a solid diaper that you might want to have around for variety’s sake.


Bambino Magnifico: $3.28 per diaper (case of 40)

The OG of ABDL diaper companies. it’s kind of sad to say that the only diaper of theirs that I’ve tried is the Magnifico, which is actually different than their other offerings. The Magnificos have a stretchy tab, which does make them quite comfortable, but it has also caused issues for me with the diaper sagging and leaking. When I purchased these, I also got them at 30% off (which, at the time of this post, is still going on). To be honest, with the vast array of superior diapers on the market nowadays, I would not recommend these unless you really want to pad out (heh) your collection, and/or you love dinosaurs.


NorthShore MegaMax: $2 per diaper

While only available as a rather boring, all-white diaper, these might be the best stand-alone diaper for absorbency and longevity. The tapes on these are super hard to remove even when you want to take them off, so there’s no way their coming off during wear. The plastic is also super thick and durable. They say they are made for “12-hour wear”, and I think they may be the one diaper that says that and actually have it be true. If the prints don’t interest you, these should be at the top of your list for quality.

Baller on a Budget

As you probably noticed, most of the “Premium” diapers listed above come in near the $2 mark (save for the Crinklz). If you want to start bedwetting, but don’t want to spend $60 or more per month on the diapers alone, here are some medical “incontinence briefs” that are a decent bit cheaper. Do be aware, however; as you go down to in price, the chance of leaking becomes much higher. So while paying $0.40 per diaper for some Walmart branded briefs might sound economical, you’ll likely end up paying in laundry and headaches. Before I list these, I do want to say that most of these used to be the “Premium” diapers not even 5 years ago, before all of the ABDL-centric companies started showing up. So while the name Abena might not carry quite the same weight in the community as it once did, it by no means makes their diapers any worse than what they used to be.

  • Tranquility ATN: $0.75 per diaper
  • Tena Super: $0.75 per diaper
  • Abena Abriform: $1.20 per diaper
  • NorthShore Supreme: $1.37 per diaper
  • ConfiDry 24/7: $1:67 per diaper.

Another great way to turn any cheaper diaper into one that can rival a premium diapers capacity is to use stuffers. These can be found for as cheap as $0.10 per, though I would doubt the quality of such a cheap booster. The two I would like to shout-out real quick are the NorthShore boosters, and the Bambino Quadro Deluxe These can be purchased at $60 for a case of 120 and $100 for a case of $100 respectively. The Quadro Deluxe in particular are kind of ridiculous. They are rated to hold 2 liters of water, and while I don’t think they can hold a 2 liter bottle of soda, they really do make any diaper last twice as long (if not longer). Of course, at $1 per, these aren’t necessarily for people on a budget, but I have not come across a better booster yet, so wanted to make mention of them.


And that’s it! All my opinions on the diapers currently available and their rough price-points. I hope you found this at least somewhat interesting and informative.

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