First Night: Aftermath

Well, I can’t really say that last night went according to plan. Nothing particular bad happened, but, well, nothing much happened at all.

I listened to the hypnosis file when I got into bed, and fell asleep shortly after it finished. I had set an alarm for 3 hours later, and did wake up to it. When I awoke, I remembered to try and pee and drink the water I had placed on the nightstand, but, well…..I didn’t. I just fell back asleep. I guess I did learn a valuable lesson in all of this: I am quite the heavy sleeper, and the alarms won’t ruin my sleep all that much. And now I have something to practice – actually peeing when I wake up in the middle of the night. Overall, not the best start to my training, but I knew this would take dedication so I’m not really upset about it.

I don’t know how often I’ll be posting from here on out. I feel like most days are going to be “Yup, I woke up and peed”, or “Nope, I didn’t pee in the night”, so I might just save my updates for weekly or any sort of milestones (though I don’t really know what those would look like at this point). Either way, time to hunker down and try the same thing tonight, though hopefully with slightly better results.

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