Week 3 Update

Another week, another trash can of used nappies. Again, this week didn’t go totally according to plan, but it went well enough. Five of the seven nights I remembered to set my alarm, woke up, and wet. The other two nights I purposely didn’t set the alarms, as I was up late watching the NBA and NHL finals and didn’t want to lose too much sleep. I also, again, listened to the hypnosis file 2 times over the course of the week, which is much less than I would like. Luckily, those sports are over, so hopefully my sleep schedule can be better for the foreseeable future.

In more exciting news, I do feel like I’ve finally made some form of progress. I would consider myself quite a heavy sleeper. Even 3 weeks ago, before I started setting the alarms, I would practically never wake up in the middle of the night when I had to pee; I would always wake up in the morning having to go fairly badly. Now, I find myself waking up again later in the night, after having previously waking up to the alarm, having to pee. I’ve gotten pretty decent at being able to just let go and fall back asleep, but I’m not gonna lie, sometimes the latter happens before I can do the former. There was even a time this week where I took about a 2 hour nap after work, woke up about an hour into it, peed immediately, and fell right back asleep. This is very promising. The more times I pee in the night, the more I normalize the action, and soon it can (hopefully) start happening without me having to wake up at all.

Overall, even though the progress has been slow, I would consider the training to be pretty successful so far. I still need to work on actually listening to the hypnosis before bed, and I hope that a “reward” system I plan on implementing will help. I mentioned this reward system in last week’s update, and will definitely try writing a short entry on it in the coming days.

Hugs and Cuddles,

Journeyman Bedwetter.

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