Rewards and Punishments

As I have mentioned previously, I wanted to start a sort of “reward” system for my bedwetting training. Rewards give positive reinforcement for doing something, which is why they are so often used with children for things like potty training, homework, and the like. Most of the time, the rewards for children are simple: stickers, pieces of candy, etc. But rewards do also exist for adults, like with bonuses for performing well at work. I know most of this is obvious, but I just wanted to set up the contrast between the positive reinforcement of rewards, and the negative one of punishments. Personally, I feel that rewarding good behavior works much better than punishing unwanted behaviors. Just ask any actual child/teen bedwetter who was punished for wetting the bed if the punishments made them stop. Almost certainly the answer is no, and the only result from the punishments were an even stronger connection between bedwetting and unhappiness. Of course, everyone is different, so if you think punishing your lack of success will work, or if you are into the “kinky” idea of punishments, have at it.

Anyway, I want to associate bedwetting with positive feelings and attitudes, so I plan to set up rewards for both accomplishing the tasks involved in training (such as setting the alarm and listening to the hypnosis), but also for when I eventually wet the bed successfully. These rewards will have to be quite different for a couple reasons. For one, accomplishing the tasks associated with my training should theoretically be something I do every night, so the reward can’t be anything too crazy. In contrast, wetting the bed successfully could very well take a couple of months to happen, and after that it will likely be sporadic for quite a while. Another reason the rewards have to be different is because doing my training regiment is something I can fully control, whereas having a true nighttime accident is practically entirely out of my control. Thus, I can’t make the reward for successfully wetting the bed something very important to my wants and needs, as I’ll just end up resenting the training and reward system, rather than truly seeing it as a reward.

As I have been mulling this over in my head for the last couple of weeks, I do already have an idea of a reward for wetting the bed: purchasing records. Of course, wetting the bed is a reward in and of itself, but I believe the records would be a nice bonus and “trophy” for accomplishing my goals. I love music, and I like to collect my favorite albums on vinyl for a variety of reasons. However, since I already listen to a lot of my music through streaming services for practicality, buying records is definitely a tertiary need of mine, and something that I can potentially go months without doing. The other good thing about records is that they cost about $10-$20 per record, which (at least with my earnings) is a perfect amount for a “reward”. Thus, going forward, I will allot myself 1 record for each time I wet the bed. In the far-off future, this will certainly change to be for every 2 nights consecutively, 3 nights consecutively, etc. as I simply cannot afford buying 5 records every week, but that also makes this an easy, flexible reward system. You (likely) don’t have quite the same passion for records as I do, but a similar reward system can be used for a myriad of things; you just have to identify tertiary wants in your life that help improve it, without being consequential on your overall mental health. So, for example, do you like smaller, cheaper indie games? Make them a reward, so you can still purchase and play the large releases, but splurge that $5-$10 as a reward. Do you play a game with in-game purchases (if you use them)? Play the game normally, but only buy the credits or whatever after a successful nighttime accident. Love ABDL stuff? Only buy a new pacifier/onesie/stuffie as a reward. You get the idea.

Now, the “daily” reward is still something I’m struggling to come up with, and sadly this is the much more pertinent one. The struggle stems from coming up with something I would actually want on a daily basis, but that isn’t so important to my daily life that not having it will be seen as a punishment, as opposed to a reward for having it. So, for example, having candy as a reward doesn’t work because, unlike a child, it’s not something I actually want on a daily basis. Conversely, a “reward” of being allowed to drink soda is more of a punishment, as soda is so integral to my productivity and mental normality (thanks caffeine addiction!) that not having it would be quite detrimental to my day. In a similar vein, rewards like “playing video games”, “watching TV”, or “wearing diapers” would really just be punishments of “not being able to play video games, watch TV, or wear diapers” (the last of which would lead to quite a few other issues with this training anyway). To be honest, the front runner for my daily reward is (sorry for the lewdness) the ability to masturbate if I so choose. The issue with this is that it’s definitely not something I do on a daily basis. The combination of a demanding job and lower sex drive than when I was 18 makes it more of a “when the mood hits” rather than daily ritual type thing. The positives of this idea, however, are that I never know when that desire to masturbate will hit, so I’ll want to ensure that I always have the option. In addition, it is certainly not a need that I masturbate when the urge hits, but being denied the ability to do so will motivate me to complete the training tasks so I can do it the next day.

So, yeah, those are my ideas for the daily and long-term rewards. If you have any other ideas, please share, specifically for the daily reward as I’m not quite satisfied with mine. Other than that, here’s to another great week of training!

One thought on “Rewards and Punishments

  1. I’m one of those who periodically follow your blog. Bedwetting for me, has always been a goal, not in itself, but to make my journey to complete diaper dependency aka small bladder and incontinence manifest itself.
    Would love to share ideas and experiences on how to achieve our goals, constant bedwetting.


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