Questions and Tidying Up

Thanks everyone for the questions and suggested topics you’ve sent over the past couple of days! I figured I would answer a few of the questions that don’t need anything more than a few sentences, and then list out some of the longer topics that I’ll try and cover more in depth. So, first off, here are a few quick answers:

  • I am located in the US, so all of my experience with ordering diapers is basically only through US companies (and Rearz, which is in Canada, so close enough). For those who visit this blog from Europe, I do know of a few UK/German based retailers, namely Cuddlez, BetterDry/Crinklz, Dotty the Pony, and Nappies R Us. The last one is actually a general UK-based reseller for, well, basically everything, so if you want a one-stop-shop for all nappies without the ridiculous shipping charges, check them out. They also have proprietary diapers under the “Get Nappied” brand which does have one of my favorite prints, the Lil’ Rascals.
  • Shipping speed: Again, being in the US, I’ve basically only dealt with US companies (save for Rearz). In my experience, every single company has their shit together and will usually get you your package within a week. Northshore earns bonus points as they will even do next day shipping for no extra cost, which is kind of crazy. Rearz does usually take a bit longer, but as it does have to go through international shipping, this is understandable, and I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait longer than a week and half for an order from them. Most of the companies I order from are quite large, and I have heard some horror stories of people trying to order through newer/smaller companies, so do be wary of that. I will say, my main problem is usually with diapers being out of stock, not with how quickly they arrive.
  • Shipping discreteness: Every single ABDL package I have ever received has been in an unmarked brown box with only the shipping label. Sometimes, the companies even go one step further to obfuscate the contents by having a pseudo-company name as the return address (i.e. ABU being sent from Strom Holdings). I might be a bit braver than most, but I have never been worried about having to pick up one of these packages from the main office of my apartment complex. If you live with others, don’t want packages of diapers sitting outside your door, or have any other reason, you can usually have packages held at a distribution center. I know this is the easiest with UPS, as they will hold any package at a UPS store, which are fairly common.
  • As far as precautions go for keeping my mattress/sheets dry, I only use a disposable diaper and washable bed pad. If I really wanted to, I could wear plastic pants over my diaper, or put a waterproof mattress protector over my whole mattress. I do neither of these as I have had very little problems with leaking, and I find both to be a tad bit uncomfortable.

Now, for the topics I will delve further into:

  • It seems a few people are interested in cloth diapers. These are almost certainly the best for nighttime protection, especially if you sleep on your side, but I have minimal experience with cloth diapers compared to disposable. I bought 2 prefolds about 4 years ago, but they became worn out earlier this year and I disposed of them. Currently, I have a single Rearz cloth pocket diaper and that’s it. In general I prefer the feel of disposable diapers over cloth (and I hate laundry), but I can certainly order some cloth diapers and try them out for other people’s benefit.
  • I plan to write about my history of being an ABDL, and basically what got me to this point of pursuing nighttime incontinence. This would likely just be a single standalone blog post. I might add how to get to know other ABDLs/join local ABDL communities into this post, or I might make that it’s own separate post. We’ll see how long it gets.
  • Anything else people request that I can put my 2 cents into!

In more boring news, I am going to be trying to organize my blog a bit better, having different links for updates, guides, and unrelated posts like these. Basically, I just want the blog to be a bit more user friendly, rather than a long scroll through months of writing. Hopefully, this means you’ll notice a bit snazzier of a blog in a week or so. Until then, stay padded my friends.

Journeyman Bedwetter

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