Update: One Month!

I’m a day or two late with this update, but it has officially been one month of training for me! While I can’t say I’ve made any super big milestones, I do feel like I’m inching my way towards my goal. I’ve found that I wake up quite easily during the night, and pee almost reflexively by this point. Obviously, the goal is for this to continue until I hardly remember waking up, and finally to not ever waking up when the need to pee hits. Either way, I’m pretty happy with where I stand after one month.

As for the last 10 or so days, I did do a pretty good job of setting the alarm and listening to the hypnosis. There was only one day I can recall where I didn’t set my alarm, and that was because I took a long 3 or so hour nap after work, and then didn’t set my alarm when I went to bed about 5 hours before I had to wake up the next day. I also listened to the hypnosis about 4 times during this period. I think I’m going to be aiming to listen to the hypnosis only every-other day at most at this point for a few reasons. One, I’m not sure how much it really helps and two, It’s pretty long and spending about 3 hours of my week listening to hypnosis is a bit much anyway.

In other news, I did order cloth diapers for those of you who were curious how they were for bedwetting, so hopefully by next week I can wear them for a full week and give a little update on how they work. I’ll likely not have an update this coming weekend unless something major happens, instead writing about one of the other topics (most likely my history as and ABDL), so look out for that.

Journeyman Bedwetter

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