Regression (But Not the Good Kind)

Well, sorry again for being so bad at making updates. The last four months (I checked, my last post was late August. Yikes.) have included quite a few events in my life, such as weddings, the holidays (obviously), and getting a promotion at work. The last of these has made my training basically come to a stop. Beyond having to readjust my sleep schedule from a second-shift job to waking up before the sun rises, the added stress of the new position has had me focusing much more on just getting sleep, rather than wetting in my sleep. At this point, I can’t even remember the last time I set an alarm for the middle of the night, and my progress has seemed to suffer. I don’t wake up as often in the night. I don’t automatically go when I do get up. I often wake up in the morning with a very full bladder, something that just a few months ago would rarely happen. Really, the only thing that’s been consistent from August to now has been wearing diapers to bed, but even then I’ve had a few times where I just said “Screw it” due to being exhausted from my job, which breaks the streak of like 6 months going to bed diapered that I had running.

On the bright side, I feel like I’ve finally somewhat settled into this new position and am ready to basically re-relearn how to bedwet. And, hey, it’s the start of a new year, so for my new year’s resolution, I can make wetting the bed my number one priority. I know how well new year’s resolutions usually go, but I hope to be one of the few that actually accomplishes theirs. Hopefully, with the new found vigor to see this through, it will also mean more posts on this blog (and if there is something else you want me to write about, don’t forget to mention it, as I am open to ideas).

Hopefully next time I can have a better update than “I lost all of the progress I had made”, but until then, please take this cute picture of Toothless as my apologies for being gone for so long.

Journeyman Bedwetter

2 thoughts on “Regression (But Not the Good Kind)

  1. Thanks for your story. A lot of it mirrors me. I am also the youngest of 3. I was potty trained very young and never had accidents. I had some desires. Earlier this year I became successful at becoming a bedwetter. I got scared about this when I started having real accidents and struggled with going through re-potty training and I finally got out of my new found lack of bladder control -i .e a real life bedwetter. Every week or two, I will go through various processes to get back to being a bedwetter and like to get to where I end up with a squishy diaper and get self conscious that I don’t remember waking up and realize I peed my diaper just like a little boy.

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