The Times, They Are Filled With Changes

I’m sorry to anyone that visits this site semi-regularly to find that I haven’t posted anything in…..6 months? Obviously, there has been a lot going on, but it’s also definitely on me. I could have easily found some time to write up at least some little update. I guess I felt like there was no “huge breakthrough” that made me feel like I needed to write an update. Reflecting back on these last few months, I think I realized that there is no “huge breakthrough” until you wake up wet consistently and without recollection, which I sadly I have not reached yet.

That is not to say that I have not seen some mild improvement, especially compared to the loss of progression that I talked about in my last post. To be honest, I think this progression wouldn’t have been possible if COVID hadn’t come and thrown the entire world into chaos. My work started going remote in mid- March. As I work for a tech-based company that does most of its work with computers, everyone could just take their machine home and continue working pretty much normally. Now, I never wore at work. I am a supervisor that has to constantly walk around and talk to people in the office to provide assistance, and I just….really don’t want everyone I work with to know, especially as most of them are my direct reports. So, now that I have been working from home, I have basically worn 23/7 for approximately 4 months now. The “23” comes from me not always messing (sometimes, the time required for cleanup is just not feasible (such as during work), and I really don’t want to sit in it for a long period of time), and it also comes from the few occasions where I’ve met with vanilla friends and family. My parents do know about my diaper wearing habits in a general sense, and while they’re “accepting” in that they haven’t disowned me or anything, I don’t think they would appreciate me wearing around them.

I have to say, wearing 24/7, even for this small amount of time, has probably done the most in getting me closer to becoming a true bedwetter. There are many other blogs, posts, and stories of other people saying that, while trying to un-potty train and going 24/7 to achieve that, eventually start bedwetting. For me, wearing 24/7 definitely does not have the end goal of becoming incontinent. I’m just doing it for fun, comfort, and, well, because I can during this time of COVID, an opportunity I might not have the rest of my life. Really, the big difference is you knowing that you can always just let go. I’ve basically accidentally starting myself on the road to incontinence by just constantly wearing and going whenever I feel like I need. This has led to some “close calls” of sorts. During one of the meetings with my parents, we were sitting around talking when the urge to go hit. I instinctively began to relax before a jolt in my brain told me “STOP! IT WOULD BE A DISASTER!” Again, while the end goal is definitely not any sort of daytime incontinence, I have come to a point where my natural state is “diapered”, and my brain knows this, making letting go be second nature.

Now, naturally this translates into night-time as well. There have been so, so many instances of me half-waking up, noticing the twinge, peeing, and falling right back asleep. This occurs often, like multiple times a week. Sadly, anything closer to true bedwetting is still few and far between. There definitely have been some nights where the whole “half-waking” part is so hazy, that I wonder if it actually happened. There have also been a couple instances where I’m dreaming that I’m peeing, and wake up mid flow, which is not something I’ve ever experienced before. This is perhaps the biggest milestone I’ve reached. There have also been a few nights where I’m pretty sure my diaper is wetter than when I fell asleep, but I can’t actually be sure if it actually is, and even if it is, if it was just caused by one of those “half awake” moments that I forgot about.

So, in the end, I feel like I have once again started to make progress. It’s been about 15 months or so now, definitely a long journey, and it’s not even over yet. However, the past month or so have definitely shown promise, and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes from here. That’s all I’ve really got to say in this post. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please just put them below, or contact me through the various channels that can be found in this blog. I’m thinking of doing a write-up about something else, so let me know if there is something that you’d want to hear me talk about. I did go to CAPCon this year, so that’s probably what I’ll write about, but I’m also open to writing about other ABDL get togethers that I’ve gone to, or even just doing some general diaper reviews, as at this point. I have worn quite a few at this point from basically every major manufacturer. Until then, stay padded and safe!

-Journeyman Bedwetter

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