Update #(N+1)

Hey, would you look at this! An almost regularly timed update! Figured I would give one just because I feel like a decent amount has been going on with my training, basically everything up to actually having night-time accidents (well…more on that one in a bit).

So, first thing is I’ve started to use a bedwetting calendar to keep track of how many times I remember waking up during the night and how many of those times that I woke up I remember peeing. I just use an app on my phone designed to keep track of bedwetting in children. It’s kind of interesting looking back at a week’s worth of entries, though to be honest, most of them follow something similar to “woke up twice during the night and wet both times. Woke up in the morning having to pee.” There are definitely some entries where The number of times I woke up is….fuzzy, and whether or not I’ve wet during all the times that I remember waking up can sometimes just be a guessing game, but it’s still been a pretty good way to keep track, and hopefully soon it can be used to keep track of the nights I had actual accidents!

The biggest thing by far that’s happened in the past month has been perhaps my first true “accident”. A lot of you have probably had that dream where you go to pee in a toilet/lake/whatever, only to wake up and be peeing in bed. I never remember having one of these dreams in my life, that is until a couple of weeks ago! I do remember that in the dream I was wearing a diaper (something that’s basically a norm now in all of my dreams) and felt the need to go pretty badly. I remember thinking “whatever, I’m wearing a diaper” before just letting it go, and lo-and-behold, I woke up to myself peeing in real life! Crazy!

Other than that pretty big piece of news, there has been some noticeable changes that can mostly be attributed to me having now been wearing basically 24/7 for nearly 6 months. Both the frequency and general volume of wetting have changed pretty significantly. I still go through 3 diapers a day on average. However, whereas before I would usually wet each 2 or 3 times before changing (depending on the absorbency of the diaper), it’s now more like….5 to 7 times or so. Before, my wettings could be considered “flooding” the diaper, but now with peeing so much more frequently, it’s more of just “extended bursts” if you get the picture, lol. I have noticed some other side effects, like generally feeling like I need to pee quite regularly, even when I know there’s nothing really in my bladder. Similarly, holding it has become so much more more of a nuisance. I don’t know if this is because of a weakened bladder, or I’m just so used to wearing now that even the little effort required to hold it is much more of a hassle than it used to be. Either way, all of these changes have been pretty welcome, to be honest. I am not looking to become truly urinary incontinent, but I do feel like this is helping with my bedwetting training, and do not think it will be something that would be impossible to reverse if I wanted to.

Anyway, that’s all from me. Hope you all are staying safe during this never-ending pandemic.


Journeyman Bedwetter

One thought on “Update #(N+1)

  1. Congratulations on reaching new milestones! It’s a tougher process than most would guess. I’m about where you are in terms of progress, though it’s often now that I wake in the middle of already peeing. I found that focusing on the content of my dreams before bed is helping to get me closer to full time wetting. Now most of my dreams have diapers or toilets in them, and once that happens I almost always able to release while asleep. My ultimate goal is to remain continent during the day, while conditioning myself to unavoidably wake up in a soaked diaper every morning. Good luck to you, sir!


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