Where I’m At and A Discussion on Hypnosis

New Home, All the Room for Storage

Sorry again to the few people that actually follow me. I’m terrible with updates, but there really hasn’t been much to give an update on (at least with the bedwetting progress). There have been a lot of pretty big changes in my life outside of diapers (pun intended). That picture above is part of perhaps the biggest one – I bought a house! Now I have all the room in the world for my diapers and little stuff. This was obviously a pretty stressful process that took priority over my training.

I believe it was in my last update that I mentioned I had basically gone about 6 months diapered 24/7 without really trying, which seemed to have really moved me along in my training. This streak sadly had to end about a month ago due to getting a pretty bad case of diaper rash. However, once the rash cleared up, I didn’t really dive right back into going 24/7. Part of it was because the house buying mentioned above, which meant I was spending a lot of time with a realtor/my parents looking at houses. Another part had to do with a slight worry I had; that once COVID was in the past, I would have lost a noticeable amount of control which would be problematic once I returned to the office for work. I wanted to make sure I could go back to “normal” if need be, and the answer is….well, yes. For the past month, I have basically only been wearing at night, and then for about half the day every other/third day, and I feel like my daytime continence has basically returned to normal. The real kicker is that I just got word this week that my office will be closing, and all workers will be working remote indefinitely (yay for being in the tech biz). So that worry was pretty unwarranted and I definitely plan on going back to 24/7 after the holidays.

Sadly, it seems that with my recent foray into wearing big-boy undies during the day, I have once again lost a little progress with my night-time wetting. It appears that the major thing I have retained is the ability to wake up numerous times during the night to pee. I guess this is a good thing, that the last year and a half hasn’t been for naught. Still, this journey has definitely shown me that bedwetting is something that takes dedication, practice, and perseverance.

Moving on, the other thing I wanted to talk about was hypnosis. I was asked a couple questions about what hypnosis files I listen to and how effective they are. So, first, the files I personally use are from My Little Lullaby. Most of the files have to be paid for, but there are some that are free if you want a sample of how the hypnosis is generally. I personally feel like finding one or two that are what you’re looking for (like the “wetting the bed” file) is definitely worth it. They are professionally recorded, and thus have a good sound quality that is usually lacking with free ones from around the internet. Each starts similarly, with about a 10-15 minute introduction that is meant to relax you and put you into a sort of meditation/zen type headspace (if you’ve ever tried any other meditation or hypnosis, it’s a pretty similar “body scan” type deal). After this, she goes into suggestions and commentary on whatever the file is about. It’s not like some of those that say something like “when you hear the word ‘baby’ you will become totally regressed”. It’s much more grounded than that. In total, most of the hypnosis files are about 25-30 minutes long.

Now, I have to be honest in saying that I don’t really listen to the hypnosis all that often. Usually, I’ll listen to one about once every two weeks. The reasons are two-fold. For one, they are pretty long. Having a half hour at the end of a day to sit/lay and listen to a hypnosis file can be difficult. Secondly, I personally do not think that the hypnosis/subliminal messaging really do much for me. I have done meditation before and been able to relax and be mindful and all that jazz, but I’ve never gone into a trance-like state as others seem to be able to. With that being said, however, I will say that listening to these files are FANTASTIC for getting into a little headspace. Even though I have ABDL friends that I hang out with, I’m usually not in any position where I’m being talked to and addressed as a little for an extended period of time, so having this happen in the recordings sends me right into little space.

I think that will be about it for this update. Hopefully there will be something more substantial coming up, but I’ve been saying that for over a year now. As always, if you have any questions or would like me to talk about something, please reach out!

Stay padded,

Journeyman Bedwetter

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